Saturday, November 29, 2008

how to work off that Turkey when stuck in Napertuckey?

I'm in Naperville Ill stuck without a bike. But it's beautiful and 45 degrees, perfect weather for a fall run. I've not been running but with my schedule (and the hopefully impending rain in California) I am trying to rebuild my running base. My legs and weight are such that I need to build my running base very slowly or I will get some gnarly shin splints going, so I ducked out of the In-Law fest for a quick 3 miler today. Not bad. I'm going to try and work in some lunchtime runs at nVidia, sadly nVidia is far removed from the better trails over near AMD and my old job at Sandcraft. Anyone know good running trails near Central and San Tomas?

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Ah Pook (Eric S) said...

Hey Murph, there's a great trail right across the expy from you. The span under Central isn't done yet, so you have to make your way over to Scott and Coronado Way, but from there you can hit the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail all the way up to Baylands park past 237. It's even mile-marked. I used to work across 101 from you (in fact you might know a few of my ex-Transmeta pals) and lots of people did lunch runs up and down the trail.