Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time Trial and Tire Change Prep

Leave work 30 minutes before train. Nominal time to train - 25 minutes. This is on Central Expressway which is flat, fast, not too many lights, good shoulder so you can get down on the bars and let er rip. But with an extra 5 minutes to spare - how to make for a good time trial?

Puncture! Also allows one to practice a fast tire change. Somehow I managed to make my train. I think the high intensity work of racing to Caltrain is actually pretty good stuff, but I need to do some stretching on the train or something, I am feeling pretty beat up.

I am picking up an insane amount of glass lately. I think the commuter bike needs to downgrade from the Conti 4000's to something more robust, it mostly gets used on Central Expressway and on the Google rides anyway.

Off to Chicago for the holidays, no bike so I am going to try and (gulp) run...

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