Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DIY supported Century

I've actually been riding a little bit but not enough to brag. I definitely got dropped this AM riding up Skyline to Hickey behind Trinh. But I'm at least getting outside.

This weekend I did a short ride in Healdsburg with our friend Jackie. This weekend was the Russian River Winter Wine Land event and we went to our vacation rental home in Healdsburg for the weekend to do a little tasting and cycling.

For $40, all the tasting and snacks for Saturday and Sunday, and we had my 8 months pregnant wife as a designated driver! Sunday we eschewed the tasting to go on the bike ride. As we neared the finale in Healdsburg I realized we still had our wristbands on from the Wine event, and we passed Wilson Winery and we could really smell what Wilson was cooking! Tri-tip sandwiches and chocolate brownies. We stopped, flashed our wristbands and settled in for a snack. Given we were 3 miles from our destination we also tried a little Bordeaux for good measure.

I'm thinking next year we go, check out the wines on Saturday and inventory the best snacks, then the next day do a snack run from winery to winery! The event easily encompasses a very nice metric century including Chalk Hill, East and Westside roads, Dry Creek Valley, Canyon Road, Geyserville, and Alexander Valley.