Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am a fat slob.

Training and diet have gone to hell. Occasional google rides sprinkled in but not much otherwise. Lack of cycling leads to bad diet. Work is crazy, wife is pregnant.

Resolved - no more cokes, better diet. Decided this AM I would get up and hop the 7:04 to Redwood City and ride some better roads than seen on the google rides, and eat a banana on the train. Of course wifey had eaten all the bananas and I missed the train. There is now a place at 22nd that sells stuff so I finagled a banana and took the next train, which only stops at Palo Alto. Did get a nice ride in from there. It's not like I turned a corner but it was a worthwhile day.

I've decided I need to diary more of this to put the fire to my feet, and do the RWC to Sunnyvale ride which includes Jefferson and the bottom half of Page Mill on the way to the office. This will be more effective than dealing with the crazy bike paths on the Bayway.