Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 24 ride to work

For some reason I always end up finding time to ride once the season is kaput. This has the downside that this is when the rain starts. In tribute I am shopping for a cross bike. No need to repeat the day when I decided I was training rain or shine, rode up Page Mill in the rain then crashed and broke my hip coming down.

I managed to get in a ride this AM from SF to work, minus the PA->Mountain View section plus an extra sprint from PA back to Menlo after I missed a train in PA. Despite fighting a cold I felt ok as the pace was not too brisk, and it was good to meet a new rider (Bruce I think) who had some serious mojo and was only slowed down by a broken spoke.

And I stuck to a banana/pomegranate smoothie for fuel, better than some lard infused muffin from the train station.

Onward and upward.

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