Friday, December 5, 2008

Turkey Removal Program

Pulled out the Seven yesterday for only like the 3rd time since I got it back. Rode to nVidia from SF, rounds in about 52 miles, taking just over 3 hours.

Google is cutting back so at Mountain View I bid adieu to Scott Crosby who had pulled me through the uncharacteristic headwinds instead of begging a breakfast from him. I then completely bonked in downtown Mountain View, tempting me to get on Caltrain to take me to Lawrence. Checking my watch it appeared I had 15 minutes to the next train, so maybe I could get breakfast too. Except there was a SB train already at the station, meaning Caltrain had taken a massive failwhale, confirmed with a quick twitter check. I soldiered on and collapsed on my desk.

I have been trying to keep up with a stretching program, but my quads are still sore from my run in Naperville. Nonetheless I am going to try round two of getting back into running this weekend, hopefully accompanied by a trip to a Bikram class.

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djconnel said...

I was really tender after my 10km last Sunday. My usual foam roller session was torture on the front of my quads! However, 90 minutes with Daryl who is Dr's Orders at World Gym on 16th/De Haro was absolutely magic. On Friday I was riding strongly at the noon ride and today I did my first trail run ever, a 17 km race in Huddart Park, without issue.

Massage is so amazing, I'm surprised it hasn't been banned yet by the UCI.