Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am not a hard man.

Message 8/243 From Dan Connelly

Wow! Those RM riders are hard core.

Forwarded from Roaring Mouse Cycling

Twin Peaks repeats, 6:30am tomorrow @ Cole/Parnassus. Bring your blinkie!


Cold Valley at 6:30 AM to ride up Twin Peaks from the hard side, in the fog.
I'll take a pass. I did get up at 6 AM to ride but went with this monster instead. It was in the low 40's to high 30's at 6:30 AM at Ritual and nobody was there. I felt so crappy that it took me 20 minutes trying to remember the name of the road that is the little hill we climb (Cortland). Bad news. I was ready to blow it off when Crosby did indeed show up. Doh.

Scott rides like I ride - we will both ride at pretty much any pace - slow, fast, whatever. But if nobody is getting dropped, we'll ride pretty much full blast. I was freezing, underdressed, and now I had to ride hard the whole way and didn't have a 3rd person to pawn Scott off on if I decided to bail halfway. Great.

At CC/Valencia we picked up someone else from out of nowhere. Great. Someone going to Google so I can bail early. Nope. Theo works in Foster City. Perhaps slow the pace. Nope. Theo was up to the task on the three little pitches so he'll not slow anything down. Luckily he also took a few pulls. My legs finally loosened up around the airport, and the ride went pretty well. I did Scott do most of the heavy lifting, but it was a good 52 mile spin before work, coming in at 3:10 clock time.

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