Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tues 4/19 hard skyline

Did a nice Skyline today adding in the Hallmark/Crestview climbs - series of steep rollers up above San Carlos. Great intervals.

In theory we weren't going to ride that hard, but we had Peter the Sandbagger, Xton the machine, and a surprise appearance by Space, and the riding was pretty fierce. But I felt very very good, able to pick up my speed, chase gaps, whatever. That's all good, but is that because we are riding slow?

The Strava log says we were going at a nice clip, thank you. The Hillsboro section was done into a stiff wind, and I went under 7 minutes despite being on the front until the last steep roller then being picked off by Peter attacking. We started out slow on Polhemous, then I went to the front and pulled the entire way up the flatter section, and PR'ed, including taking some time off the PR for the "steep section". We rode very fast on Foothill and this was not problematic. Faster and felt much much better than last week's OLH. Stress, then rest. Will perhaps get out tomorrow and then a vacation in Illinois where I will try to sleep a lot, stretch, and not get much exercise other than maybe a short jog or two. And try not to fatten up on my in-law's cooking.

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