Monday, June 23, 2008

New bike?

I eyed the blue giant commuter style bike as I prepared to detrain at Sunnyvale. Double sided pedals, flat on one side, SPD's on the other, with a WARNING sticker partially worn off inside the cleat position of the SPD. Not only no noticable scratches on the paint but it was pretty shiny. The cogs were all sparkling clean. The waterbottle in the cage had all of it's logo showing fresh, and
no grungy stuff inside. No stickers, etc...

I looked over the rider briefly, new shoes, new helmet. I could not resist and said "New bike?". She turned her head, looked at me, smiled, "Since Thursday".

It was nice to have a conversation on the train about something other than getting bumped... EDIT: I will go home and tell my WIFE about the new bikes I am seeing on the train, and there was a giant commuter bike that I should get HER because it looked pretty cool and would be good for knocking around Healdsburg when we go to OUR house.

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