Saturday, August 23, 2008

Riding in Marin

I have the week off, between jobs, so we headed up to Healdsburg Tuesday. My wife had some appointments so I went ahead on my bike.

Marin County has some good riding. It also has some very lousy, sketchy riding. Scenic, sure, but junk miles for training and sketchy. The problem is the lousy riding is in between San Francisco and the good riding further North. But I hate driving to the ride when I live in such a great place like the Bay Area where so much riding is so close. It's a waste and then there is always the day you drive to the ride, and forget your shoes. My biggest pet peeve is people who drive to group ride starts and then instead of us getting started, they have to change, pump their tires, check their headset, etc... When you ride out the door, you are ready to ride.

Tuesday I decided to solve the issue of both riding out the door, but skipping the Bridge/Sausalito/Mill Valley section of the trip to Marin (on weekdays the bridge can be extra sketchy as pedestrian tourists and cyclists share the same narrow pathway). I rode down Market St (sketchy, but in a "good way") to the Ferry building and took the ferry to Larkspur. 25 minutes and $4.70 (with my translink card) later I was in Larkspur. Along the way I got some fine scenery and had some snacks picked up on the way.

From Larkspur Ferry, follow the bike path West. There is a fork, follow it left over a wooden bridge and stay on the path to the end and onto a road. Follow the road to a T intersection, go left and you are on Magnolia in Kentfield.

I followed the remaining crappy miles through Ross, San Anselmo, and Fairfax and then rode up Whites Grade, to Nicasio over the little hill, then right on Lucas Valley and over that climb, and met my wife at Lucas Valley and 101. Wonderful riding, and now I'm in Healdsburg getting in some training and working in the garden.

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