Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bike to Work Fast Day

Tomorrow August 7 is "Bike to Work Fast Day"

6:30 AM Ritual Roaster, SF. Ostensibly the destination is Google, though a few of us have alternate destinations along and beyond that route. There are a bunch of people from Google that started a ritual of riding along the peninsula from SF on a daily basis - this ride goes almost every day, definitely every Friday (Friday is "No Rider Left Behind" day). Sometimes the route goes down Skyline but more frequently the route is along the peninsula with a hybrid of random roads, parking lots, bike paths, and even a "Bridge to Nowhere" in Redwood City that involves riding through a field, up a dirt ramp onto the bridge, and down another dirt ramp that starts with a small dropoff.

One of the stronger riders is moving and threw down a challenge - break the record. If I read it right the record is one hour and 57 minutes of "rolling" time (measured on a bike computer that stops when you do, at lights/etc...). Probably the best way to calculate the "record" because at some point the only way to improve the record is to take unneccessary risks at stoplights.

Should be interesting and fun. And painful - the lineup is pretty strong despite 1 or 2 of the heavy hitters being out of the country.

Intermediate points -

Millbrae Ave/Old Bayshore - probably about 7:15
Redwood Shores/101 - 8 AM or so.

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Jim G said...

"the only way to improve the record is to take unneccessary risks at stoplights"

That's pretty funny. 100% of the cyclists I've seen wearing Google bike jerseys or shorts have totally blown through stop signs and red lights!