Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mt San Bruno again this year

This should be interesting.

Nicely, they have a Masters 35+ 4/5 category, perfect. Also nice, I'm 10 pounds lighter and have a lot more miles in my legs than last year at this time. Strava says 5,350 miles in 2010.

I managed to drop another 30 seconds off Jefferson/Highland the last time out. Strangely I don't necessarily feel very strong/fast a lot of the time, perhaps just tired because I am doing a lot of riding, but faster because I am generally more fit and 10 pounds lighter.

Off to Colorado for a week, and will pretty much be resting the whole week. Then the fun starts for another year.


djconnel said...

Nice! People commonly spend $10/gram to buy "SL" version of mass-produced bike frames. By that standard, whose sanity could and should be debated, your 4.5 kg loss is worth a tidy $45k.

djconnel said...


murphstahoe said...

DNS - rain I could deal with, but we had a plumbing issue in Healdsburg that had me tied up all day. Our water softener runs on a timer, and was pumping magnesium and calcium into the sewer pipes without random water that people just use because the house was unoccupied. So the minerals formed crystals and blocked the pipes. Pipes are cleared but now with the root cause found, I need to figure out a solution.

At least I didn't gain any weight in Colorado over the holidays.