Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cut another 5% off Jefferson Time

I did a 10:36 on Jefferson via Highland this morning, shaving another 5% or so off my time.

Jefferson via Highland

My legs are generally feeling better on an upward trajectory but there are peaks and valleys. Last Thursday I felt really good on an SF2G ride, Monday not so much. Overall I have noticed that I have been able to hold my HR at 160 for a longer time than say 3-4 months ago, and I see numbers in the upper 160s and even a 170 occasionally, whereas that wasn't happening. I'm not really a guru but I don't think you can train your HR to go up - maybe I was just kind of crappily sick, or I couldn't get my HR to where it needed to be due to other physiological reasons, but in general I feel better.

The effort up Jefferson was actually somewhat restrained, so to see a 30 second cut was very encouraging. Enough so I decided to ride up the bottom part of Page Mill, during which I of course felt like crap :)


Frank Irwin said...

Nice work, Murph. I've had trouble getting the HR when I've overtrained the week before (not very often that happens, I tell you). I was doing intervals on Monday, and had trouble getting it above 170, but during a training race on Tuesday, felt fine at 170, and saw it as high as 182. I have Sally Jenkins' book on HR training, but haven't read it, yet.

djconnel said...

Nice! I've never ridden that way: always turned off Highland before
it returned to Jefferson.

HR is typically higher when it's warmer, though, which is a confounding factor.