Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The MDR approaches

For several years I participated in a ride from San Jose to Santa Barbara on Memorial Day weekend. After a few years off, I am going again. Not exactly carrying great form, and in fact I have no idea what will happen, but 4 days of riding is never bad.

In contrast to years past, I have done exactly one ride of substantial distance - a "pre-work" ride with Scott Crosby and Ammon over Mt Hamilton from the backside. I didn't feel great, the backside destroyed me, but that was probably on par with anything we'll do on this ride.

The first day is from San Jose to King City, going over Cienga Road and past Pinnacles. The second day, we ride from King City to SLO, via a lot of the roads near the Wildflower Tri course. After a "loop day" in SLO, we ride to Santa Barbara.

Should be fun. Strava gave me a kit for being "Bike Commuter of the Year" so I'll take that out and demo Strava for the masses - with this group that means a lot of KOM's are going to fall if they get onto the Garmin train.


djconnel said...

Have fun! Hopefully you avoid rain tomorrow. Conserve, conserve, conserve: avoid those tempting, crazy pacelines (at least on the first two days).

BikeBoy said...

Go Murph! Coming home on the train? Wish we were going with you, maybe next year... Oh, and Anna sez she thinks she saw you coming down Hamilton as she was riding up, and you looked pretty happy :-)

慧茹 said...
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