Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Epic Commuting

Meet @Skid

Ammon is addicted to "Epic Commuting". This involves many things. Apparently high on that list is riding as much "dirt" as possible. Even if this involves getting lost or going down a dead end dirt path - you never know if there will be a hole in the wall at the end of that path.

He is documenting this epic commutes, which often involve going up 2 mile dirt roads (see: East Alpine) on his new blog - Epic Commute Blog

I was up early this AM due to our son doing a Dr Crankmeister, and caught the 7 AM train. I noted that Ammon was meeting people from that train at Millbrae and decided to do a little riding. I expected it to go a bit faster but sometimes time is the price to pay for exploration.

Note that Ammon was all kitted out in a skinsuit. This absolutely did not match his choice in footwear.

Nothing says Epic Commute like rocking a skinsuit and tennies on your fixie.

Nothing says non-Epic like catching a big ass nail in your tire and having to change a fixed-gear wheel.

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Yokota Fritz said...

Ammon rocks.

After the Los Gatos bike thing in May, he rode his bike OVER the Santa Cruz Mountains, in the rain, and showed up at my wife's graduation barbecue party.