Monday, July 7, 2008

Visitor Parking

I rode over to visit someone today at another local company. I pulled to the front of the building and looked for a bike rack. No dice. Some benches, might catch some crap for locking to that. I see the Security guy on this Segway looking thing, ride over and ask him about where the bike rack is. He has no idea - "Maybe in the parking garage on the other side of campus?" This is BS.

I ask him if I can just lock to a pole, he says "I don't care". I see a very good candidate - a BS Car Centric "Visitor Parking" sign. I'll show them!

Unfortunately I was so fixated on my anarchist "Stick it to the Man" bent by locking my frame to the pole that I neglected to think about what the bushes might be doing to my tire.


Jeff Trull said...

Ah, the classic "bike on top of landscaping" move. They leave us no choice, do they?

Fritz said...

I usually lock to handicap sign posts where available.

Would you believe the Wells Fargo in downtown Palo Alto has absolutely no bike parking anywhere on the block? I roll my bike inside the bank and lean it against a loan officer's desk when I do business there